Muslim Brotherhood Marks Thousand Days Since Coup Massacre of Rabaa Peaceful Protesters

Muslim Brotherhood Marks Thousand Days Since Coup Massacre of Rabaa Peaceful Protesters

To the patriotic Egyptian people… to the proud prisoners of conscience in coup jails… to Egypt’s revolutionaries in the streets, homes and everywhere…

One thousand days have passed since the most horrific crime in modern history, the most brutal and despicable mass murder, the most sectarian and fascist massacre: the traitorous crime of violently breaking-up the Rabaa and Nahda peaceful sit-ins, amongst others, in which the treasonous General callously spilled the blood of thousands of unarmed Egyptians, in order to destroy the hopes of a whole generation of patriotic Egyptians who only wanted progress for themselves, their children and their homeland.

In Rabaa and Nahda public squares, Egyptians had gathered in a peaceful sit-in for one purpose: demanding freedom, justice, respect for the will of the people who rose up in the January 25 (2011) Revolution against injustice, corruption and the treacherous military coup, demanding the reinstating of democratic legitimacy for which many patriotic Egyptians died, the cleansing of corruption from Egypt, and liberation of the homeland from dependency and subservience.

Honorable heroes from all segments and classes of the free and proud Egyptian people, in these as well as other public squares across Egypt, made an epic struggle that will be remembered forever.

The unprecedented horrific massacre exposed all the real faces, without the false masks, the false claims, and the groups and individuals used by the military junta to cover up the heinous crime. It also showed how the General’s jesters blessed the shedding of innocent blood and the traitorous coup for army and police aggressors and criminals, and deceived a section of the people with falsehood.

The Rabaa and Nahda massacres witnessed the true beginning of a new generation that does not tolerate injustice and does not accept the agenda of the corrupt. This generation cannot be deceived again. No-one can hijack its Revolution or force it to deviate from its purpose. It is a strong, courageous and patriotic generation determined to build a nation of proud and free men and women – independent, pioneering and powerful. This generation is still – and will continue to – lead the Revolution toward achieving its goals without compromise.

This is our pledge to our patriotic people of Egypt, we declare it to the whole world:

We will not betray the January 25 (2011) Revolution, the blood of martyrs, the pains of the wounded, or the free and proud men and women of the Revolution still steadfast in the traitorous coup’s prisons.

We will not compromise democratic legitimacy or the will of the Egyptian people which brought in the first elected civilian president.

We will not reconcile or negotiate with those who humiliated the nation, gave away its territory, violated its dignity and honor, stole its dream and assassinated its free will.

Our Revolution will not pause or subside until everyone who committed a crime against the nation and the people is held accountable.

We will go forth with a firm and steady confidence until prompt justice is done and fair retribution exacted, and until all rights are restored to all Egyptians.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Tuesday – May 10, 2016