• March 1, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman: Death Penalty Will Not Stop Revolutionary Movement

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman: Death Penalty Will Not Stop Revolutionary Movement

Egyptian judiciary Saturday issued its own death certificate with the latest unjust clearly-politicized court sentences that lack the minimum requirement of essential logic or reason just as they lack legal justification. A junta court ruled today for the execution of four Muslim Brotherhood members on false and flimsy fabricated charges, thus severing the last link between the Egyptian judiciary and the proud people of Egypt and their Revolution. Only recently, the same judiciary acquitted and exonerated ousted Mubarak’s top officials, and sentenced to death many innocent revolutionaries.

The death penalty will not stop the revolutionary movement or the tide raging against the military junta and its ruthless gang. In fact, this Revolution gets ever stronger, and more powerful, as it faces more intensified trials and tribulations – as the murderer, with his cronies and corrupt judges increase their oppression, persecution and tyranny.

The judicial institution, with the latest sentences along with previous ones, for the execution of revolutionaries and acquittal of all those who killed the men and women of the Revolution, since January 2011, proves to the Egyptian people first, and the whole world too, that there is no hope in reform, and that the Revolution must cleanse the homeland of the "Sultan’s judges" and restructure the judicial institution.

The path of freedom and dignity is full of obstacles and adversity. The Muslim Brotherhood has pledged to all the Egyptian people, especially the men and women of the Revolution, to spare no effort in pursuit of freedom for this homeland, whatever this costs the group. We are ready and willing to sacrifice our blood and our souls for this country.

We reiterate, yet again: whatever happens, there is no retreat and no compromise on the demands of the Egyptian people. We also stress that the blood of the revolutionaries will be a curse on the murderer, the coup commander, and his criminal cronies and corrupt judges. Revolutionary courts will exact retribution for this homeland, from all criminals, all those who stole and plundered its resources, and imprisoned its innocent people.

To all the men and women of the Egyptian Revolution, unwavering in their steadfastness, who do not fear no threats nor are cowered by unjust death sentences: Continue the Revolution until we eliminate these oppressors. Continue until we stop this injustice, which has reached a horrifying crescendo. Be confident that the completion of your Revolution is what will stop this tyranny in Egypt forever.

Muslim Brotherhood Media spokesman

Saturday – February 28, 2015