• March 5, 2015
  • 2 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman: Interior Minister Sacking Mere Maneuver

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman: Interior Minister Sacking Mere Maneuver

Ousting the brutal murderer Mohamed Ibrahim, the illegitimate coup regime’s Minister of Interior, and the appointment of a new murderer is a like sedative dealt out by the murderous traitor, Al-Sisi, to the people, in an attempt to convince them that there is something akin to a ruling regime.

However, such changes only announce the coup regime’s failure in the face of Revolution. Al-Sisi fears the growing popular anger. He, therefore, is trying to beautify his treasonous face by removing a murderer who failed to protect the security of Egypt.

All the coup’s brutal security policies have failed to contain the Egyptian people’s Revolution. So, now the murderer Al-Sisi is resorting to new attempts with new faces. But we assure them that the Egyptian Revolution does not recognize any of the illegitimate coup’s governments. Anyone who participates in those governments will come under Revolution courts jurisdiction.

Mohamed Ibrahim and the coup’s new Minister of Interior, as well as all their assistants and all those involved in the spilling of Egyptian blood, will be subject to revolutionary trials for their crimes.

The traitorous murderer, Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, is now making his way to the end of a path that he soaked with blood of innocent martyrs. But the Revolution will exact retribution for his crimes against the people. The Revolution knows its way, from which it will not deviate.