Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman: Our Land, Our Honor

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman: Our Land, Our Honor

A new saga was started in Egypt Friday by the revolutionaries in a majestic scene of mass protests that recreated the atmosphere of January 25, 2011 Revolution, and carried along the wind of freedom, courage, pride and dignity. This clearly proves that the awareness of the revolutionaries is heightened, and so is their determination. They have unrelenting resolve, and their ability to change the present and create the future is undiminished. Justice is coming, and the truth will triumph.

We deeply appreciate all actions and support all patriotic revolutionaries who defend Egypt’s land, honor, rights against the tyranny of the putschists, so all rights are reclaimed and all traitors are held accountable.

We support all forms of protest launched today; and call for steadfast persistence in continuous demonstrations. We call on all revolutionary groups, from all political and social orientations, to come together and unite to reject all forms of aggression, and demand the ouster of the coup regime and an end to military rule.

We must also send a special heart-felt greeting to political prisoners – free behind bars – and the martyrs who watered Egypt’s tree of freedom with their blood. We will honor our pledge as long as we live.

Long Live Egypt, Free and Proud

Ahmed Assem

Muslim Brotherhood Media spokesman