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  • June 14, 2016
  • 4 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman to Coup Regime in Egypt: Who Are the Terrorists?

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman to Coup Regime in Egypt: Who Are the Terrorists?

 Commenting on a ruling by coup authorities in Egypt that lists the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist entity (published Monday in the official gazette Al-Wakaei Al-Masriya), Dr Talaat Fahmi, the Brotherhood’s Media Spokesman said: "These unjust rulings are null and void, not worth the ink used to write them, and will not change the facts or conditions on the ground: the coup commanders are the true criminals, oppressors, murderers".

The Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman continued, in a phone call with Watan satellite TV channel, on Sunday evening, directing his words to the putschists: "Terrorists and criminals are you, who killed more than 7,000 of the cream of the Egyptian people. You who sentenced to death 1808 citizens in a few short months. You who starve innocent detainees, young and old, in your many prisons.

"You who killed 350 prisoners with deliberate medical neglect, starvation, and denial of urgent treatment. You who killed Damietta youths two weeks ago. Thus one wonders: Who are the terrorists? The Muslim Brotherhood? Peaceful reformers who describe themselves as "preachers, not judges"? who refused to engage in armed struggle? who insist on commitment to peaceful revolutionary protests, although that has already cost them a lot?

"This bankrupt coup regime, besieged with crises at home, failed to achieve the goals set by foreign powers as promised by its commanders. Now, many of its allies at home and abroad are jumping ship. This putschist regime has become delirious, often speaking about totally imaginary reconciliation initiatives with the Muslim Brotherhood, and then declaring that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist group, while major powers and international organizations tried hard and miserably failed to stick the charge of terrorism onto the Muslim Brotherhood."

Dr Fahmi likened the putschists to bankrupt traders hopelessly searching through old ledgers, adding that: "They think those rulings would put pressure onto the Muslim Brotherhood.

"But alas… your unjust rulings will not intimidate the Muslim Brotherhood. We will not negotiate with the traitorous murderers over sham reconciliation in which you stipulate compromise on reinstating the President, democratic gains and the people’s rights. This will not be, not in any way, whatsoever."

In conclusion, Dr Fahmi said: "Whatever pressures you put on the Muslim Brotherhood, no matter how many of us you kill, however much you torture us, and whatever repression you deal us, the Muslim Brotherhood will remain loyal to its nation, its country, its Egyptian homeland, and its President. We are a revolutionary resistance group committed to the peaceful approach. However, we will have no truce with blood-thirsty traitors; we will not abandon our rights and the people’s rights;

we will not compromise; and we will not under any circumstance lay to waste our martyrs’ sacrifices or the rights of our wounded".