• May 11, 2008

Muslim Brotherhood Member Killed in Sudan Clashes

Muslim Brotherhood Member Killed in Sudan Clashes

Ahmad Gomaa, a leading Muslim Brotherhood member in Northern Cairo, has been killed in the Saturday night assault by Darfur rebels on Khartoum.

Gomma was in a working journey to Khartoum when the attack took place. Essam Abdeltawab, an Egyptian technician, was also killed in the assault.

Gomaa was one of the candidates in the 2005 Parliamentary elections who withdrew their registration papers as part of MB policy to leave space for other parties. He was also a member of the board in the Engineers Syndicate until it was nationalized by the emergency government. He was also a candidate in the 1992 and 1995 municipal elections.

Like most MBs, he had his share from the Egyptian regime”s oppression. He was referred to a military tribunal in 2002 and was acquitted after ten months in jail.