Muslim Brotherhood Messages Mubark

MB Messages Mubark

The Moslem Brotherhood’s eleven nominees in Alexandria conveyed a message to President Mubark asking him to take measures to protect the second phase of the parliamentary elections. Copies of this message were sent to Alex governor, security command and general director of the State Security.


The following is their communiqué


Mr. President

                     Our respects

Sender: The nominees of the Islamic current in Alex.


Whereas we know that police stations in Alex governorate will hire outlaws and former prisoners to prevent electorates from casting votes in the second stage of the parliamentary election, due to be held on Nov. 20th. And whereas they also intended to hinder our supporters in the polling day. Whereas we are sure that these dishonorable acts are sponsored by influential security figures.


Since such acts will have an adverse impact on the Egyptian stability, image, and reputation., and, distorts the democratic standard of the first phase of the parliamentary election which was an embodiment of police impartiality and free process of the election. So we ask your honor to halt these unacceptable measures


May Allah Preserve Egypt from conspiracies and disturbances!

May Allah Guide you for the benefit of Egypt!


Pleas receive our regards

The candidates of the Islamic movement in Alex


1- Hussein Muhammad     2- Hamdy Hassen             3- Mustafa Hassen  

4- Sobhy Salah                  5- Mahmmud Ataya         6- Osama Gado

7-el-Mohamady Siad        8- Saber Abu el-Fotoh       9-Mahmmud Aoad           10- Saad el-Siad                11- Tawkol Maso’d