Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Brutal Killing of Six Egyptians by Security Forces on First Day of Eid

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Brutal Killing of Six Egyptians by Security Forces on First Day of Eid

 God can see the oppression of despots and tyrants. He can see those who suppress and murder the oppressed.

We made a strong return across thousands of public squares where we performed Eid prayers, prepared and organized by the Muslim Brotherhood, in a scene that proved that the Muslim Brotherhood, supported by a lot of people of this homeland, did not and will not step away from their peaceful march to serve and liberate this country.

The Muslim Brotherhood pledged not to retreat from the ever-growing revolutionary movement or from facing up to the brutal military coup, for the sake of God, and also Egypt’s popular will. Millions turned out after the Eid prayer (Friday morning) in marches and demonstrations in almost all governorates across Egypt, despite the repression and killings by the coup’s fascist repressive security apparatuses. These new crimes and atrocities by coup authorities will not make the people forget the putschists’ earlier crimes. They will be held responsible for them someday soon.

Coup security forces’ killing frenzy today (Friday) – the first day of Eid – claimed the lives of six peaceful protesters (including a woman and a child), with dozens injured, until now, in the capital Cairo – a scene repeated in all governorates. This is nothing but the putschists’ vengeful wrath for the Muslim Brotherhood’s popularity, deep-rooted in the society, and for the angry masses’ rallying around the group, despite the repression, murder and poverty.

Today, Egypt’s patriots created a new epic with all the Egyptian people, in all public Eid prayer courts and squares, as well as our revolutionary marches and peaceful protests from Cairo to Alexandria, Giza to Beni-Suef, Aswan to all cities and villages of the Nile Delta and Suez, where youth and women were in the forefront of popular anger.

Today, we bid farewell to new martyrs, shot dead by militias of the traitorous coup’s Interior Ministry, who attacked demonstrations just after Eid prayers. This innocent blood will remain a curse chasing the failed Al-Sisi and his gang that robs the homeland, impoverishing and killing the people. This blood of the guiltless will fuel the Revolution until it defeats the despots.

The Muslim Brotherhood reiterates its pledge to continue to rise in Revolution in the face of repression, never cowering nor retreating, never giving in to the junta’s treacherous bullets, and never accepting injustice. It calls on all patriots to be always ready to face up to the criminal coup militias’ treachery. Self-defense, when attacked, is a duty established by the laws, charters and religious decrees. Deluded are those who think that their massacres could be forgotten or their crimes forgiven.

The Muslim Brotherhood will continue to support the activities of popular wrath, in support of this homeland, the detainees and democratic legitimacy – symbolized in President Mohamed Morsi. The group vows to continue the Revolution in support of the rights of the martyrs, the hounded, and the forcibly disappeared, in support of the demands of the poor, workers, farmers and the January 25 Revolution and its legitimate demands.

We truly wished this festive time of Eid should come to find our homeland in a better state! We are confident that the biggest festive day of Eid will be when we exact retribution from the murderers and the corrupt, and liberate our country from traitors very soon.

Our message today, on this Eid day, to the families of the martyrs, detainees, abductees and the hounded is: be patient and persist. God will grant you victory, and the day will inevitably come for fair and prompt retribution.

Our message to the unwavering patriots in streets and squares across the homeland: we solemnly salute your steadfastness and resilience in support of the truth. God will grant you ultimate victory.

To the criminals and all those who seek after their own personal interests: Your fate is well known – throughout the ages, in history’s rubbish-bins and platforms of prompt justice.

Everyone should be ready for what is coming, in order to protect the homeland and the people’s rights and popular will.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Friday – July 17, 2015 / Shawwal 1, 1436