Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Leader Sharqawi, Assassinated in Coup Prison

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Leader Sharqawi, Assassinated in Coup Prison

 The Muslim Brotherhood mourns one of its top leaders: Abdel-Azim Al-Sharqawi, member of the Guidance Bureau, who was assassinated through medical negligence in the prisons of injustice and tyranny, the dungeons of the treacherous, blood-thirsty coup junta.

Abdel-Azim died after a harsh journey of medical neglect, with coup authorities refusing him treatment or medicine. He lived in tough solitary confinement, like other Muslim Brotherhood leaders and youth. He suffered a slow death for which the criminals showed no mercy. In fact, they grew even harsher and more cruel, until he finally passed away.

The Muslim Brotherhood holds the military coup junta, with all its symbols, criminally responsible for the death of Abdel-Azim Al-Sharqawi – another horrific, heinous crime added to their black record of slow murder through medical neglect.

Human rights organizations documented more than 900 cases of deliberate medical neglect, including Dr Farid Ismail, MP Mohamed Al-Falahgi and Dr Tareq Al-Ghandour. 150 of those have already died. These organizations also documented the forced disappearance of 5,500 citizens, of whom 500 have been killed in cold blood.

In addition, human rights organizations documented extrajudicial killings of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and youth, including Mohamed Kamal, member of the Guidance Bureau; MP Nasser Al-Hafi; Dr Hisham Khafagi; the martyrs of the "October apartment"; and many of the group’s fine young members.

The blood of the Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders and youth has fueled, and will continue to fuel, torches of freedom on the path of the Revolution. Junta criminals must realize that their blood will not be forgotten or laid to waste.

The Muslim Brotherhood reaffirms that these crimes against its leaders and members will not deter the group from treading steadfast on the path of the January 2011 Revolution until the overthrow of the coup junta; and until symbols of the coup and the junta are put on trial, and the Egyptian people wrest all their usurped rights.

Muslim Brotherhood

Saturday – August 26, 2017