Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Mahmoud Arini

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Mahmoud Arini

The Muslim Brotherhood mourns Dr Mahmoud Omar Al-Arini, one of the most renowned preachers and scholars. He was one of the first leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, member of the former Shura Council and professor at the Faculty of Agriculture, Al-Azhar University.

Arini was raised by the martyr Imam Hassan Al-Banna; and preached Islam’s message in student departments with the late Farid Abdel-Khaleq.

Arini was arrested in 1954, remained in prison for several years.

Later, Arini lived in Saudi Arabia for several years. He oversaw the wheat plantation project in the Kingdom, which achieved a surplus that was exported abroad.

After his return to Egypt, in the early 1990s, he received an invitation – through the university – to  visit the Zionist entity. He rejected that, despite a tremendous pressure exerted on him.

He was arrested in 1995 and sentenced to three years in prison by a military court. He came out of prison more steadfast than ever, continuing his spiritual preaching journey, and his scientific career among his students at the university.

The Muslim Brotherhood offers its sincere condolences to Arini’s family and to all his associates, students and followers, asking God Almighty to grant him His mercy and blessings in Paradise with the Prophets and the Righteous.

Muslim Brotherhood

Monday – May 29, 2017