• May 21, 2016
  • 4 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Victims of Egypt Air Plane Crash

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Victims of Egypt Air Plane Crash
Egypt is deeply shocked at Egypt Air plane crash Thursday and the loss of life of all passengers and crew. This is the third incident of its kind in less than a year, which confirms the corruption and the lack of essential accountability and effective management at that important establishment. This incident is also fresh evidence that coup authorities have failed miserably in the administration of the country.

This new catastrophe occurred while Egypt is mired in disaster, with fires burning the whole country, mad price rises scorching the impoverished population, more taxes and ‘protection money’ being extorted from ordinary citizens, the Egyptian pound tumbling, the entire economy collapsing, and Egypt losing its historic right to Nile waters after the traitorous general Sisi gave it up, just as he slumped under the feet of the Zionists, carrying out their orders, succumbing to their heinous plots, and losing Egypt its identity and heritage.

Those who massacred thousands of innocent people with unprecedented brutality, burned and swept their bodies into piles of garbage, cannot possibly care to protect the lives of a passenger plane. Traitors who betrayed, hijacked and steered the homeland to suit their own whims and desires, allowing corruption, fires and disasters to devastate the homeland, will not be moved by the loss of human lives.

The repeated Egypt Air aircraft disasters, with the loss of security at Egyptian airports, fuel an international scandal bound to cause more tourists to stay away from Egypt, which is a great loss for the Egyptian economy already weakened by failing coup regime maneuvers.

The Muslim Brotherhood extends its sincere condolences to the families of all passengers of the plane, and emphasizes that as long as this treacherous coup remains, Egypt will be vulnerable to further disasters, isolation and loss.

There is no escape for Egypt unless all the people close ranks and unite to bring down the traitorous coup regime, and eliminate the scourge of its putsch, in order to preserve what remains of Egypt’s present, and achieve a better future.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Friday – May 20, 2016