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  • October 15, 2015
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Muslim Brotherhood New Hijri Year Message

Muslim Brotherhood New Hijri Year Message

 The Muslim world starts this new year in a critical moment of its history, as our countries receive armies of occupiers in Sana’a, Baghdad, Damascus, Tripoli, Jerusalem and Al-Ahwaz. The new year finds the capitals of the Muslim world, including Cairo, suffer tragically under occupation, while traitors rule over them, kill and jail its honorable men, violate sanctities and rape its women.

A new Hijri year is a new hope. For it is based on the migration of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the Companions to a new life in Medina, to lay the foundation for our great Islamic state. On their return to Mecca, the good Prophet announced that "there is no migration after the Conquest (returning to Mecca), only jihad – and if you are called to arms, go forth".

The new year requires a determined fighting nation, capable of confronting the aggression. It requires great leaders untainted by past failures or bygone apathy, and a young nation that does not know defeat or compromise, does not give in to occupiers nor invaders – an educated, alert and aware nation, armed with science, filled with faith.

The start of this new year coincides with the birthday of martyred Imam Hassan Al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, who led a generation that rejuvenated religion in the darkest days of our nation’s history, with no weakness or hesitation. They built for the glory of Islam and raised its banner high.

To Muslims in the East and the West… your nation is facing the most serious pivotal moment in its history. Close ranks and unite, rally around the word of truth, justice and jihad. Look among you for an innovating, rejuvenating leader. Do not despair.

Muslims never despair. Today’s realities are yesterday’s dreams; and today’s and yesterday’s dreams are tomorrow’s realities.

There is still sufficient time. Good elements remain strong in the hearts of our great people despite the apparent tyranny of corruption. The weak does not remain weak all his life; and the strength of the strong does not last forever.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Wednesday – October 14, 2015 / Muharram 1, 1437AH