• May 9, 2010

Muslim Brotherhood opinion on Egypt ‘s current situation

Muslim Brotherhood opinion on Egypt ‘s current situation


The MB asserts that the country will face pandemonium if the people’s will continues to be marginalized. It is imperative that the doors be open to free, fair and transparent elections. The current situation of restrictions on opposing intellectuals and politicians must be lifted

The group also warns that the persistence of the current situation in the country which has led to the regressive state in all fields, including science, technology, education and health and the additional degenerating status of services, will also lead to chaos, and lead the country into the unknown
The ruling party has raised many slogans and initiated programs which have not as yet been translated into real work. It has become evident that Egypt is retreating in all areas, while the advanced nations of the world work towards greater production and investment with the application of modern technology in communication networks, transportation, agriculture, industry and energy

The citizens of Egypt have continued to face hardships in all areas and aspects of life under the current regime


Reports reveal that in terms of the hardship people are likely to experience, assessed in global terms, Egypt is ranked as an extreme hardship location with a hardship index of 40%

Citizens suffer to get the barest necessities such as bread or gas although the latter has been facilitated by authorities to the Israeli entity at the cheapest of prices
Healthcare costs for general healthcare, medical and medical insurance such as general practitioner consultation rates, non-prescription medicine, and private medical insurance and medical aid contributions is extremely expensive compared to other cities making it unbearable
Internal security is threatened as people suffer from low earnings, in fact the lowest in the world, is also becoming a threat to families and youths whose, ethics may be questioned
Escalating levels of unemployment, has ultimately led to an increased number of spinsters with the declining level of morality and principles which has threatened the social framework of the nation

 The inability to get a clean cup of clean water which is sometimes contaminated or mixed with sewage reveals the lack of responsibility by the government 

 Transport costs for public transport, vehicle costs, vehicle fuel, vehicle insurance and vehicle maintenance such as hire purchase, lease of vehicle, petrol, diesel, public transport service maintenance, vehicle insurance, and vehicle purchase is also a problem for the people. These problems have prompted the widespread of bribery, nepotism and corruption

On an emotional level, the people suffer and feel vexed watching the Israeli Occupation Authorities boast and kill the elderly, women and children of Gaza and  practice oppression with the expelling of the Palestinian people from their homes


The feeling of incapacity while witnessing other countries progress in the Military Industrialization with permission to use  nuclear weapons and missiles to protect its people and their children from their enemies is all to evident


People are beleaguered as they observe the peoples of the world having full access to the ballot boxes in order to freely choose their governors, deputies and officials. In contrast is the elections run in Egypt where people are surrounded by Central Security forces wielding batons, rifles and machine guns which are ready to beat any person ready to participate in the electoral procedure or attempt to declare their dissatisfaction with the regime and its corruption

  Egypt , has reached the unprecedented stage in history which may trigger the people to rise in upheaval


The Muslim Brotherhood is prepared with an intense package of reform programs in all areas. We call on the system to seriously apply our programme and give it the time of day before it becomes too late to save the country from downfall