• June 16, 2017

Muslim Brotherhood Praises Popular Renunciation of Sale of Egyptian Islands Tiran and Sanafir

Muslim Brotherhood Praises Popular Renunciation of Sale of Egyptian Islands Tiran and Sanafir
The Muslim Brotherhood continues its peaceful protest action across Egypt, as it has done without pause since the 2013 military coup, seeking a prompt return to the democratic path and the January 2011 Revolution. As it always promised the people, the group will sacrifice all for the homeland’s dignity, honor and freedom.

The Muslim Brotherhood appreciates all the peaceful protests joined over the past few days by every patriotic Egyptian who refuses to surrender the islands of Tiran and Sanafir. The Muslim Brotherhood also appreciates protest actions by all the patriotic groups that have realized the gravity of the current situation and have done all they can to preserve and protect the soil of the homeland.

The Egyptian people have suffered – and are still tremendously suffering – the horrific crimes of the military junta who have taken innocent lives, suppressed all opposition voices, oppressed all freedom seekers and persecuted and impoverished the people. Today, the junta commanders are surrendering Egyptian sovereign lands, violating all rights and freedoms, forgetting the blood of our forefathers sacrificed in the defense of Tiran and Sanafir against the Zionist enemy.

The strength of Egyptian society lies in its unity and harmony. It is the force which the military junta has made a lot of effort to divide and tear apart. The first step to restore this power is to overlook differences of the past and move towards the future with one vision: all Egyptian blood is sacred; no Egyptian soil will be sold or surrendered at any price.

The Muslim Brotherhood exhorts the masses of the Egyptian people to move as one, to oust the oppressors. Then, these criminals will fall.

Muslim Brotherhood

Friday – June 16, 2017