Muslim Brotherhood Press Release, Regarding Dr. Salah Sultan Alleged Message

Muslim Brotherhood Press Release, Regarding Dr. Salah Sultan Alleged Message

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General, issued the following statement concerning reports in some media outlets about a message attributed to Dr. Salah Sultan, the well-known preacher, in which he apologized to the Egyptian people for what he called errors made by the group:

We would like to emphasize the following, regarding Dr. Salah Sultan’s supposed message:

1. The message, assuming it is authentic, as mentioned in its text, is simply an expression of his personal opinion. Thus, it does not reflect the group’s point of view.

2. The duty of the moment, right now, for all revolutionary, patriotic and national parties, groups and movements, should be to focus on unifying efforts to defeat the traitorous military coup that dragged Egypt to ruin and chaos, as it did in Delga and Kerdasa towns where it executed brutal massacres, causing horrific tragedies, not to mention the Rabaa and Nahda peaceful vigil massacres and others.

3. The Brotherhood emphasizes that all national and political parties and groups do make mistakes in their endeavors for the homeland, because no human is infallible. These parties and groups act upon interpretations of information available to them at any given time.

Other information may then be revealed as events unfold, making it necessary to change or redirect endeavors based on earlier information. This provides lessons to be learned from such experiences. More important is the timing of evaluation of these experiences, which we believe is not now.

4. The group reaffirms that it will continue in the coalition with the Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance, and with the loyal sons and daughters of Egypt, in the peaceful struggle until the return of constitutional and electoral legitimacy guaranteed by all Egyptian and international laws.

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein Ahmed

Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General

Cairo: September 19, 2013