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  • March 30, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood Press Release Condemns Coup Listing of Group Leaders as Terrorists

Muslim Brotherhood Press Release Condemns Coup Listing of Group Leaders as Terrorists

 An illegitimate, junta-installed regime has issued a decision to designate as terrorists the Egyptian parliament speaker and a number of members of parliament (who won the confidence of the majority of the Egyptian people in free and fair elections).

The junta also listed as terrorists a number of January Revolution symbols from the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Thus the military coup regime announces for the fourth time decisions that accuse the Brotherhood and highly-respected icons of this homeland of terrorism, having failed in previous attempts to vilify and demonize the Egyptian people’s Revolution, just as it has failed to stop the growing revolutionary wave of popular rage.

This decision is null and void. History will remember how a junta that toppled a legitimate government by force of arms turned to accuse of terrorism those who decided to rise in revolt.

Junta-appointed members of public prosecution service and the judiciary have become the junta’s battalions, taking and blindly obeying orders from the military coup commanders, accusing of terrorism anyone who opposes the coup, so to eliminate all patriotic or honorable Egyptians under the sky of this homeland who wishes to live a decent life. Certainly, these absurd, unwarranted and unsubstantiated accusations will soon reach into every household, incriminating every patriotic Egyptian in this country.

Such flawed decisions from coup authorities will not impact the January 25 Revolution. If anything, they will enhance its strength, resilience and steadfastness, and help the revolutionary movement expand in all areas of the homeland in the face of this brutal and bloody coup.

This coup has not made any worthy achievements. It has not met any of the Egyptian people’s demands. Indeed, it only exploited all this homeland’s capabilities, resources and institutions to solidify the Generals’ grip on power, having come into office, in the first place, on the backs of military tanks. The coup commanders, the ruling junta, will soon be swept out by the Revolution, in a powerful wave that will destroy all the castles of injustice and tyranny.

Mohamed Montaser

Muslim Brotherhood Media spokesman

Sunday – March 29, 2015