Muslim Brotherhood Press Release: Fallujah, Genocide of Sunnis in Iraq

Muslim Brotherhood Press Release: Fallujah, Genocide of Sunnis in Iraq

Now Fallujah, after Aleppo… Genocide. Brutal and merciless, it does not leave out the young, the old, the disabled, or the sick. After a siege that lasted for two years, more than fifty thousand civilians are all threatened with death.

Like Syria’s Aleppo, Iraq’s Fallujah has a long history of heroic resistance against forces of oppression and foreign and sectarian aggression. It, therefore, is dealt no less than vicious relentless genocide, with global complicity, and amid total Arab and Muslim inaction.

The people of Fallujah have fallen between the millstones of a criminal military machine of sectarian militias backed by Iraqi government forces on the one side, and ISIS forces on the other. Extermination and displacement of Sunnis that happened in several Iraqi cities is repeated here yet again.

This is a battle to purge Iraq of Sunni Muslims, who represent the main component of the country, as part of the war to purge the entire region of Sunnis. They are to be replaced by spiteful sectarian Shiites, in an effort to hand Iran control of the entire region, in an alliance with the United States and Russia.

This is a comprehensive and open war on Islam and Muslims. The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemns this ruthless total war on Sunni Muslims in Iraq and Syria, including the city of Fallujah, and denounces the active complicity of the world community.

The Muslim Brotherhood is confident that the steadfastness and resilience of the people of Fallujah and the Sunnis in Iraq, Syria and Yemen will, God willing, foil those schemes.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Wednesday – May 25, 2016