Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement

Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement

Anadolu Agency published Wednesday (May 18, 2016) a statement attributed to Dr Gamal Heshmat indicating that the Brotherhood would soon announce separation of affairs related to preaching from those related to politics  work, adding that "the whole group is determined to keep the competitive partisan side away from the educational and reform side and activities".

The Muslim Brotherhood always welcomes – as a matter of principle – honest discussion of any ideas or opinions proposed in connection with any topic or matter. The group’s approach has always been that such discussion is done within its own institutions and through consultations with relevant parties, experts and specialists.

When a final decision is reached, the group announces that clearly and definitively according to its rules of publishing and release of information. That did not happen in this case. The group founded the Freedom and Justice Party, a political party for all Egyptians, to be an active contributor in the Egyptian political arena expressing its political vision.

The group welcomes all views, through its institutions and mechanisms, according to the priorities of current situation, in which all efforts must be directed to defeating and effectively ending the traitorous military coup, with the participation of the masses of the revolutionaries and all the political forces with all their different orientations, in order to reinstate legitimacy, reclaim democratic gains of the January 2011 Revolution, and restore the democratic process, to build a modern Egypt and exact retribution for the martyrs, the wounded and detainees.

The group assures all members of the Muslim Brotherhood, that it would not make any final decisions without reference to rank and file members, who have the inherent right to consultation and decision-making.

The group always welcomes the advice and suggestions of those who wish to support the development of its performance in order to achieve the people’s hopes and build  a brighter future.

The Muslim Brotherhood calls upon the Brothers, to whom we extend the highest respect, to offer and suggest what they see necessary for the current stage and its obligations through the group’s institutions and mechanisms.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Saturday – May 21, 2016