Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement Marks International Missing Children’s Day

Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement Marks International Missing Children’s Day
On the twenty-fifth of May (International Missing Children’s Day) each year, the world remembers children who went missing in war or at the hands of criminals.

In Egypt, we mark this day by reminding the world of the military coup regime’s horrific crimes against innocent children.

Crimes of abduction, forced disappearance, torture and sentencing children to death have become a "normal" daily affair since the July 3, 2013 coup. This is unprecedented in the history of Egypt. Since July 3, 2013 until the end of 2015, coup forces rounded up, arrested and detained 4,000 children (minors, under 18 years of age), tortured more than 1,000 of them, sexually assaulted 80 of them, and subjected 60 to enforced disappearance. Today, more than 600 children still languish in extremely squalid coup prisons.

In addition to these methodical, systematic and compound crimes, the coup regime’s judiciary issued death sentences to execute three children, and life imprisonment for three more, and rigorous imprisonment for five – in Alexandria and other provinces.

These children also suffer – at the hands of junta forces – detention in extremely squalid places unfit for human accommodation of any kind. They are kept in cells with tough criminals, by way of vengeful torture of them and their families. They also suffer many other forms of torture at the hands of their junta jailers, according to reports by several human rights organizations.

However, despite all these repressive practices, these children are showing unprecedented steadfastness and forbearance that testify to their inner strength and powerful perception. They are indeed stronger than many who are a lot older. They reassure that there is hope for a brighter future for a homeland where they would become leaders of a great progress and development drive.

Eman Mahmoud – Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokeswoman

Tuesday – May 24, 2016