Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement on National, Revolutionary Unity Efforts

Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement on National, Revolutionary Unity Efforts

 Egypt and its January 2011 Revolution are going through a critical and very dangerous phase for the present and future of the people and the entire nation. The Muslim Brotherhood reaffirms the following constants:

First: The group solemnly salutes and appreciates all parties, groups, factions and national figures working to support the January 2011 Revolution, and are eager to serve their homeland and its people. The group’s approach, throughout its history, is to respect all personalities, parties, groups and bodies, and to trust all.

Second: The group has always been and will continue to be – God willing – part of the non-violent national patriotic action, seeking revolutionary unity. The group invites everyone to cooperate for the good of Egypt and its people, avoiding everything that breaks or weakens revolutionary ranks or reduces the effect of anti-coup endeavors.

Third: The group appreciates any political initiatives or suggestions from any party, and greatly values the sincere efforts of all patriots. It, however, sees that closing ranks and uniting have the highest priority at this stage. Accordingly, the group believes that it would be inappropriate at this time to get into disputes over names or new formations, hoping those could be left for a ‘quieter’ time, after the end of the negative circumstances surrounding national patriotic action since the treacherous July 3, 2013 coup.

Fourth: The group applauds the ongoing anti-coup movement rejecting military rule, and values Egyptian youth’s and women’s unparalleled resilience and steadfastness in the face of the brutal coup crackdowns. Also, the group salutes the resilience and forbearance of all detainees, especially the steadfast elected President Mohamed Morsi, and the group’s Chairman Dr Mohamed Badie. May God bless them with a speedy release from junta jails. May God bless their families with resilience and forbearance.

Fifth: The group will never retreat or compromise on the continuation of the anti-coup movement and resistance by all peaceful means, will never abandon the rights of the martyrs, the wounded and detainees, and will never compromise on the demands of the Egyptian people or the objectives of the January 2011 Revolution.

The group reiterates that its representative, who speaks on its behalf, is the acting head and the person he mentioned in his last recorded message.

God save Egypt and its people from all evil

Ibrahim Munir

Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman

Sunday – July 24, 2016