Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement on Hurghada, Badrasheen Attacks

Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement on Hurghada, Badrasheen Attacks

The military junta’s oppressive practices and failed policies over four years have made the daily lives of the Egyptian people a continuous series of daily brutal bloody incidents. Increasingly, tourists and other foreign nationals are caught in the blood-spilling, not only Egyptians. News of killings and bloodshed have sadly become stories Egyptians hear routinely every day.

The Muslim Brotherhood continues to stress the sanctity of all blood, and rejects the overwhelming security failure that causes the loss of innocent lives without authorities apprehending the real culprits, and without anyone taking proper measures to protect citizens, tourists and facilities.

The Muslim Brotherhood further stresses that the country is witnessing a vacuum in security service and an intense focus on repressive practices against innocent people. Meanwhile, the people wake up every day in panic and distress, which may well drag the country into a deep pit that will crush the country and its wealth and resources.

We have persistently repeated our calls to the wise, the free and patriotic people of Egypt and the whole world, individuals and institutions, over the past years, to urgently stand united and resist the oppressive gang that grabbed power by force of arms in Egypt and now control its resources. We continue to extend our hands to all, for solidarity and cooperation, and underline the urgent need for the Egyptian people to close ranks and unite, so we all together can take Egypt out of this dark era.

Hassan Saleh

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Friday – July 14, 2017