Muslim Brotherhood Refutes Egypt Junta’s “Defining Moments” Movie Lies

Muslim Brotherhood Refutes Egypt Junta’s “Defining Moments” Movie Lies

Dr Talaat Fahmi, Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman, said supposed documentary "Defining Moments" is nothing but a cheap movie – another episode in the military junta’s continuing efforts to sabotage the awareness of the Egyptian people with more demonization of the Muslim Brotherhood who is indeed in the vanguard of the anti-coup revolutionary movement.

This came in a telephone interview by Mohamed Nasser (Mekammileen satellite TV channel presenter) with the group’s Media Spokesman in the evening of Wednesday, July 20. He was commenting on the movie Defining Moments, produced by the Egyptian Ministry of Defense on the third anniversary of the military coup in Egypt, and shown at the Egyptian Opera House on July 3 (2016), with many political and historical inaccuracies.

The movie falsely claims that "the Muslim Brotherhood grabbed power" after the success of the January 2011 Revolution, and that President Morsi released members of jihadist organizations from prisons to open the door of terrorism in the Sinai. The movie also, presents the June 30, 2013 set up protests as a "revolution" and portrays the armed forces’ traitorous military coup d’état on July 3, 2013 as a rescue operation to save the "revolution" from President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Dr Talaat Fahmi asked – in the telephone interview: "Who grabbed power? Those who came into power through free and fair elections where more than 26 million Egyptians actively cast ballots? Or those who came to power on the backs of junta tanks?"

Dr Fahmi continued, saying: "Soon, we will have the anniversary of the July 23 (1952) revolution. I say to the traitorous junta: You fully know the role the Muslim Brotherhood played on the eve of July 23. How they protected bridges and important buildings. They were ready to face British forces, if those tried to invade Cairo. You know how Major-General Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Raouf (senior member of the group), author of the book "I forced Farouk to abdicate", was in charge of the siege around King Farouk’s Palace, and forced him to surrender. You also know well that Mohamed Mahdi Akef (Muslim Brotherhood leader) is the one who helped Major-General Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Raouf escape when the junta wanted to arrest him, which was one of the main reasons Gamal Abdel-Nasser sentenced Mohamed Mahdi Akef to death.

"You, the junta, know fully well that Hassan Hudaibi (Muslim Brotherhood leader) refused to enter into a conflict with you early on, saying: "I will not sacrifice the homeland for the sake of the group"; and: "Had we entered into a clash with the army, the British would have come back to occupy Egypt. We put national interests over and above the group’s interests".

The group’s Media Spokesman affirmed: "The real dispute between you on the one side, and Hudaibi and the Muslim Brotherhood on the other is that the group wanted the Constitution and freedom for the people, while you wanted otherwise; you organized demonstrations, called and endeavored for the fall of democracy, stormed the State Council building and beat the renowned scholar Dr Sanhoori with your shoes".

"So, who grabbed power? Who is the thief, the hijacker, the usurper, the putschist?"

As for the claim that President Mohamed Morsi released the leaders of the Islamic Group, Dr Talaat Fahmi said: "Those leaders were patriotic people, honest with themselves when they chose the path they tread. They were also honest with themselves when they chose to return and conduct serious and real reviews to reform their own group. Their release came after long years of unjust incarceration, and after relevant judicial institutions had been notified of these individuals’ entitlement to be released. Therefore, their release was not a favor or an act of charity from President Morsi or from those who governed the country at the time".

The media spokesman addressed general Sisi and the Ministry of defense, saying: "You upended the Egyptian military’s combat doctrine. You burnt and destroyed 1853 humble homes of the good people of Sinai. You killed more than 1447 people outside the law, in the Sinai alone. You rounded up, arrested and detained more than 11906 Egyptians from the Sinai. You are destroying their property in favor of the Zionists.

"We have finally discovered that you are Zionists to the core. Even in your celebration events, you use the colors of the Israeli flag – in curtains, carpets and platforms. You keep talking about the warm relations with the Zionists. You restored official relations with them. You are giving them what they never dreamt of, like the total siege and ruthless starvation of the people of Gaza.

"When you talk about the Muslim Brotherhood, and when you talk about the Sinai, you weave a web of lied which you feed the people."

In conclusion, Dr Talaat Fahmi said: "You are the sultans of humiliation and disgrace. While Rwanda receives the treasonous general in the most degrading manner, Russia sets humiliating conditions for the return of its citizens as tourists back to Egypt. Further, you gave away the strategic Egyptian islands of Tiran and Sanafir. Moreover, the Egyptian Pound is tumbling in free fall under your rule. This coup regime is nothing but a clique of kleptocrats who excel at plundering the remains of Egypt’s economy and wealth, who flourish on treason and false projects of delusion and corruption.

"Certainly, you will not remain in power for long. A new dawn will shine bright in Egypt. Then, all the patriotic revolutionaries of Egypt will rejoice."


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