Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Al-Sisi As True Tyrant; Vows to Continue Peaceful Protest Action

Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Al-Sisi As True Tyrant; Vows to Continue Peaceful Protest Action

An Egyptian court sentenced 10 Muslim Brotherhood leaders to death Sunday, sending their documents to the Mufti, usually to rubber-stamp the executions on farcical trumped up charges. The same court will hold a session on July 5 to issue a verdict on 38 more.

The Muslim Brotherhood said: "Just one day before installing the treacherous murderer as president of Egypt, over the dead bodies and the crushed skulls of the innocent, military-controlled judges issued a mass-execution sentence against ten most respectable patriotic citizens and scholars. The Muslim Brotherhood will vouch that this tyrant knows no sanctity of life, blood or religion, nor does he honor Muslim scholars".

The Muslim Brotherhood addressed a message to the coup commander, saying: "The tyrant and his cronies must realize that these extreme sentences will not intimidate the Egyptian people, who gave thousands of their loved ones – martyrs, wounded and political prisoners and detainees – in the peaceful fight against coup injustice and tyranny. The people will continue their peaceful revolutionary action to regain their freedom, their dignity and their homeland from the murderous putschists".

Those whose papers have been referred to the Mufti, following the mass death sentence, include: Abdul-Rahman Al-Barr, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau; Gamal Abdel-Hadi, Professor of Islamic history at the University of Al-Azhar; Mohamed Abdel-Maksoud, deputy head of the rights and reform committee; Abdullah Barakat, former Dean of the Faculty of Da’wa at Al-Azhar University; Mohamed Imad Al-Din, member of Parliament; Hisham Khafagi, deputy officer at the Brotherhood administrative office in Qaliubiya; Mohamed Ali Abu-Saada; Hossam Marghini Tag; Mustafa Al-Badri; and Emad Mohamed Fathi – leading Brotherhood members in Qaliubiya.

In an earlier statement, Abdul-Rahman Al-Barr said: "We will continue to strive with words of truth. We will not accept injustice, nor will we ever accept the corrupt or their vain ways, whatever the threats, whatever the false charges they bring against us.

"These absurd, unjust sentences issued by conscience-dead judges will not scare us. We humbly offer our lives for our religion – a modest price for dignity and freedom for our country and our nation."

Al-Barr added: "We will continue to commit to our peaceful approach. We are certain it will prevail in the face of murderous military coup terror. We will never be dragged into the spiral of violence that the putschists want".