Muslim Brotherhood Rejects British PM Statement on Jenkins Review Findings

Muslim Brotherhood Rejects British PM Statement on Jenkins Review Findings

The Muslim Brotherhood finds Prime Minister David Cameron’s allegations, accusing the group of extremism, totally unacceptable and represent a deliberate political stance against the group, based on no credible evidence whatsoever.

The Brotherhood, with its broad long history, represents a huge social and intellectual segment of the Muslim world, and can not be accused of extremism, which is in fact a proper description of governments and groups that reject peoples’ choices.

Britain’s position on the Muslim Brotherhood can be understood in the context of incitement campaigns led by the states and regimes that support the criminal military coup in Egypt, and the relationship of those regimes with London, something that would disgrace London, not the Muslim Brotherhood.

If Britain views peaceful demonstrations and activities against the military coup, against the extrajudicial killing of civilians, detention and enforced disappearances as extreme, surely British judgement is flawed, a problem that should be addressed.

The Muslim Brotherhood regrets that the British government, with its honorable institutions, has fallen into a trap set by a ferocious criminal and murderer, welcoming a coup commander who has killed thousands of innocent citizens in full view of the whole world, in a horrid massacre rarely seen in all mankind’s history, and making false accusations against the Brotherhood with no real evidence, despite all the group’s sacrifices in order to create a more civilized society, with more justice and freedom.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: December 17, 2015