Muslim Brotherhood Rejects EU Council Contradictory Conclusions, Statements

Muslim Brotherhood Rejects EU Council Contradictory Conclusions, Statements

From time to time, the European Union issues statements that sum up the reality of the situation in Egypt. After showing great concern about violations and crimes committed by the military-installed interim government against the people of Egypt, the EU demands that such violations must stop. This deceives European nations into believing the EU supports democracy and humanitarian principles.

This also deceives the Egyptian people into believing the EU sympathizes with their rights and freedoms. However, at the end of these statements or press releases, the EU usually announces practical stances that contradict those utterances. In effect, the EU offers people sweet words to calm them down, just as it gives the power-grabbing brutal military-appointed regime material support, more means of repression, murder and terror, and more tools to help the repressive putschists survive.

In its latest press release, the EU expressed concern about violent incidents during the sham constitutional referendum, and on the third anniversary of the January 25 Revolution, and the use of excessive force and live ammunition against unarmed demonstrators. It also expressed concern about selective justice against political opponents, depriving them of their legal rights. The EU, then, called for full civil control of all branches of government (i.e. a civilian government), and called for the trial of civilians before their natural judge, and also expressed concern about the Egyptian economy and increasing poverty.

The EU overlooked the larger truth, about which it still buries its head in the sand, so as not to see or acknowledge it, nor abide by its results, namely, that a murderous military coup d’etat was executed by the generals in Egypt, and caused all these calamities. It is an evidently illegitimate coup by all constitutional, humanitarian, legal and democratic standards.

This is a traitorous coup that abducted the legitimate elected civilian President and held him hostage, suspended the Constitution approved by the people in a most credible referendum, disbanded the freely and fairly elected Parliament. It is a heinous coup that trampled the will of the people expressed in five most credible, fair and free elections and referendums, killed about seven thousand peaceful protesters, wounded more than seventeen thousand people, and arrested more than twenty-one thousand Egyptian men, women and children, in the most barbaric criminal actions ever recorded in history.

Although it is claimed that some people were not happy with the performance of the elected President Morsi, it must be understood that a huge and heavy legacy of corruption and underdevelopment throughout the country was laid on the shoulders of that legitimate leader. He did achieve measurable progress, moving forward in spite of all attempts of obstruction and sabotage. Ultimately, the elected President was only in office for one year.

By contrast, French President François Hollande’s popularity plummeted to 19% on February 6, 2014, two years after taking office. No-one demanded he should be removed. The French army did not interfere to remove him. If we compare the two cases, we see a stark picture of double standards. Needless to say, methods of change in electoral democracies do not include military coups.

Instead of taking a fair stance and saying the right word, instead of describing what happened in Egypt as a military coup, committing to what that would dictate, from a constitutional, humane and legal perspective, it – unfortunately – concluded its statement by declaring that Egypt is still an important partner for Europe, and that the EU will continue to support the military-installed regime. We did hope that support would continue genuinely for the Egyptian people, not the illegitimate military coup.

The Egyptian people will not be beguiled by superfluity of sweet words in the EU press release, because they know that if the EU took the right stance not to support the military coup, the murderous military-installed regime would fall immediately.

The Egyptian people will continue to feel anger and hatred for those politicians who turn a blind eye to the rivers of blood that flowed from their sons and daughters, or those who do not want the sun of freedom and democracy to shine upon Egyptian, those who instead support the jailers, the murderers and the plunderers of this homeland’s resources and wealth.

God is Great… praise be to God.

Long live Egypt, proud and free.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: February 11, 2014