Muslim Brotherhood Responds to Recent British Statements about the Group’s Activities in UK

Muslim Brotherhood Responds to Recent British Statements about the Group’s Activities in UK

 Recent British newspaper reports claimed that a Downing Street spokesman told the Times: "The Muslim Brotherhood has risen in prominence in recent years but our understanding of the organization, its philosophy and values, has not kept pace with this. Given the concerns about the group and its alleged links to violent extremism, it’s absolutely right and prudent that we get a better handle of what the Brotherhood stands for, how they intend to achieve their aims and what that means for Britain".

The Muslim Brotherhood has always had a perfectly reputable and verifiable history record and a correct understanding of religion ever since it was founded, more than 86 years ago. The group is ready and willing to cooperate with all efforts to understand its beliefs, policies and positions..

It also denounces all media campaigns that try to demonize the group and link it to violent incidents which it condemned in no ambiguous terms at the time, the most recent of which was the attack on a tourist bus in Taba (in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula) in February 2014.

In spite of all the military junta’s blatant lies and torrent of misinformation against the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian authorities did not have the audacity to accuse the group of being behind that Taba incident. Instead, those authorities accused some other party who admitted responsibility for the attack.

The Muslim Brotherhood has always underscored its total commitment to its ever peaceful approach in advocating its principles. The group would like to emphasize the following points and values​​:

First: The Brotherhood was surprised at the latest remarks, since all successive British governments had always been the most expertly informed about the group’s positions and peaceful approach. The group has not and will not change its principles or approach no matter how big or small it becomes, notwithstanding all the injustice it suffers, the cold-blooded murders and arbitrary arrests of its members.

Second: The group’s principles and ideology, which it has been teaching its members for more than eighty years in all parts of the world, from East to West, have been announced, published and thoroughly researched and studied by many Muslim and non-Muslim scholars, researchers and research centers all over the world – all of which affirmed, time and time again, that the group’s approach is perfectly peaceful and that all its methods are non-violent.

Third: The behavior and actions of all those who subscribe to the group’s principles and teachings, all those who belong to the Brotherhood, are evidently exemplary in compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries where they reside, and even in serving the countries where they are raised.

The same is true with regard to members of the group who now reside in Britain. Most certainly, Brotherhood members who left their own countries and moved out, not only to Britain, but to various countries around the world, are completely committed to the laws of those countries where they live, as binding contracts that can not be breached.

The Muslim Brotherhood calls on Western states and governments to beware of the treachery of the fascist military junta in Egypt and the pressures they apply in order to falsify facts about the group and the situation in Egypt, so as to force those governments to change their well-known positions in support of the oppressed, in support of human rights and freedoms – positions based on high moral principles which we believe are important so those countries would not lose credibility or the confidence of their own people and peoples across the world.

The Muslim Brotherhood

April 1, 2014