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  • March 22, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood Response to Coup’s Interior Ministry Allegations of Violence

Muslim Brotherhood Response to Coup’s Interior Ministry Allegations of Violence

 The coup’s Interior Ministry (IM) has issued yet another false statement in a series of press releases and statements that can only be described as pure fantasy.

The coup’s IM first accused the Muslim Brotherhood of resorting to violence as the military junta started its fierce and vengeful campaign of arbitrary arrest of the group’s leaders. The IM later made it clear that the arrest of the group’s leaders was an integral part of its traitorous coup against the legitimate elected President Morsi and not because the Brotherhood resorted to any violence.

The IM further admitted that the revolutionaries’ protest sit-ins in Egypt’s public squares had been indeed peaceful, yet the IM used extreme violence in calculated, pre-meditated and cold-blooded massacres watched and witnessed by the whole world on live TV at the time.

The junta’s IM has yet again accused the Muslim Brotherhood of shunning its peaceful approach and of joining armed groups that in fact revile the Brotherhood and supporters of democracy specifically because of their peaceful approach. In fact, some of those armed groups have announced that Muslim Brotherhood leaders and members are apostates and infidels (due to the group’s peaceful approach). This is clear evidence that proves the shallowness of thought of the coup’s IM senior officials.

The junta’s desperate attempts to vilify the Muslim Brotherhood and discredit its ideology and chosen peaceful approach will end in failure, again, as happened in all previous eras of tyranny and despotism.

The group’s approach is clear to all. We will not stray from the path of peacefulness we chose. We will continue our revolutionary anti-coup struggle, without hesitation or wavering, until victory is achieved, the coup is defeated, the homeland is purged of corruption, despotism and oppression, and the castles of totalitarian repression are demolished.

Mohamed Montaser

Muslim Brotherhood Media spokesman

Saturday – March 21, 2015