Muslim Brotherhood Salutes Aqsa Protests in Defense of Muslims’ Third Holiest Site

Muslim Brotherhood Salutes Aqsa Protests in Defense of Muslims’ Third Holiest Site
Saturday witnessed a new Intifada, a popular revolt, and a renewed awakening in the hearts of Arab and Muslim peoples in support of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the cause of Palestine, which we inherited generation after generation, in which we all believe – young and old.

The honorable patriots in Palestine, who – for more than 80 years now – refused the Zionist occupation and the violation of their territories and sanctities, continue to make tremendous sacrifices, giving the repressive Zionists a taste of their determined resistance amid shameful silence from the world around them, especially Arab countries. Indeed, today, despite the atrocious Israeli siege around Al-Aqsa Mosque and compound, and the horrific violence by Israeli forces against unarmed worshippers, we never heard even the most feeble objections from international human rights organizations that supposedly champion and preach democracy and human rights.

The official voice of the international community lacks any trace of fairness; and fails to truly echo the pulse of peoples of the world. The continuing crimes of the Zionist occupier against the sanctities of Muslims would not have persisted except for this constant cowardice and feebleness, which incur the peoples’ anger and contempt.

To all relevant officials, especially Arabs, international community institutions and Islamic organizations and bodies…

It is high time you shook off the shackles of sloth and hesitation and stood up courageously to undertake your true role, which extends from the bright pages of our history, which reflects our glorious Islamic civilization.

The legitimate Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s words "our hearts long for Jerusalem" will remain a motto for every honorable proud patriot.

Eman Mahmoud

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesperson

July 21, 2017