Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General Criticizes John Kerry Remarks

Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General Criticizes John Kerry Remarks

It is most clearly visible from the first glance, in light of verified facts and documented events, that Kerry’s statement grotesquely twists the truth and ignores the facts recorded not only by the Muslim Brotherhood, but by their opponents as well.

Kerry should task his aides to read Egyptian state newspapers from January 25 (2011) until the fall of Mubarak. He should ask his aides to translate for him TV interviews in which many liberal Egyptians unanimously agreed at the time that were it not for the bravery and steadfastness of the Muslim Brotherhood in the notorious "Battle of the Camel", the Revolution would have failed.

He should also ask his aides to explain to him how the Muslim Brotherhood was voted into the lower and upper houses of Egyptian parliament and the presidency only through fair elections supervised by the military council, witnessed by Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States, and in which unprecedented numbers of Egyptians participated positively for the first time in recent history in a way lauded by all foreign observers inside and outside Egypt.

Knowing that his government participated in and supported the military coup – and still does – getting involved in an issue it had no business to interfere with, overlooking the massacres and arbitrary measures enforced by the coup government in Egypt, the U.S. Secretary of State should rather correct these wrongful stances by his government and commit to the requirements of the democracy and freedom they fervently talk about. Events repeatedly prove that the U.S. government supports all these principles in America. In our country, on the other hand, the U.S. is the largest supporter of dictatorships and suppression of freedoms.

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein Ahmed

The Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General