Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General Denounces Heinous Junta Assassination of Mohamed Kamal

Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General Denounces Heinous Junta Assassination of Mohamed Kamal

After assassinating Dr Mohamed Kamal, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau; and Dr Yasser Shehata, the murderous military junta added insult to injury by claiming they were shot dead in a fire exchanged with its forces. This is an utter and blatant lie that shows this traitorous gang has lost all sense, having realized its end is near.

Everyone knows that Dr Mohamed Kamal never used a weapon in his entire life. Nor did Dr Yasser Shehata. The criminal junta authorities have been exposed as they freely spilled the blood of innocent Egyptians, and continue to do so without pause, extrajudicially killing the two leaders today after coup authorities announced their arrest in their own newspapers.

Ministry of Interior criminals routinely announce fictitious details of fantasy confrontations and mock battles to cover up their extrajudicial killings of Egyptian revolutionaries, seeking to purge the homeland of its good men and women, so they have it all to themselves.

In response to this horrific crime, we remind of the words of our Lord Almighty: Every soul shall taste of death, and you reap your reward on the day of Resurrection…" {Quran 3:185}.

We believe the two leaders have been blessed as martyrs, to enjoy eternal peace and bliss in Paradise, while their blood – and the blood of others before them who had been hounded and killed – remains a curse on all those who issued the orders to kill them as well as those who aided and abetted, participated in or kept quiet about the heinous crimes.

If the masses of the Egyptian people do not rise up to oust those coup criminals, and the military junta, we fear that God may well punish all.

O God… Avenge our brothers. Show us signs of Your wrath and vengeance in prompt retribution from the criminals as well as their associates and supporters. O God… Bless all our martyrs in Paradise, with the Prophets, the saints and the righteous.

Our confidence in Allah’s victory for the faith is unshaken – unshakable. Fair retribution for all the martyrs will be achieved soon, God willing.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the martyrs, and all our brothers and sisters everywhere.

Dr Mahmoud Hussein

Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General

Tuesday – October 4, 2016