Muslim Brotherhood Slams Junta Court Death Sentences Monday

Muslim Brotherhood Slams Junta Court Death Sentences Monday

The illegitimate putschist regime in Egypt has clearly been frustrated by its utter failure to stop the Egyptian people’s Revolution to wrest their rights and reinstate legitimacy in their homeland.

The murderous junta watched in horror as public rage spread across the nation, at the rampant corruption in the ranks of the military-installed government and the incredible intensity of oppression and terror dealt by the regime to the people’s revolt, which has been going on continuously for ten months despite all attempts by coup authorities and military-controlled media to demonize or trivialize the people’s legendary steadfastness and enormous sacrifices to recover the democratic process.

Coup authorities have now resorted to the heinous weapon of corrupt judiciary, pro-military judges willing to mete out disproportionately harsh and unjust verdicts and sentences that defy all the rules of justice and the law, in a final attempt to terrorize the raging populace.

The Muslim Brotherhood would like to emphasize the following:

1 – Justice is the essential foundation of governing. Nations fall when corruption penetrates the fort of justice – the free, independent and impartial judiciary, the qualities coup authorities have destroyed. Hence, the state of the Egyptian judiciary in this era portends the most serious consequences for the country’s future and destiny.

2 – These unjust sentences and those absurd acts that legitimize the law of the jungle in Egypt demonstrate clearly to some of our people who had been deceived by coup regime lies and misinformation that they can no longer tolerate this persecution and that national responsibility obliges them to join the ranks of honorable citizens in their revolt against coup authorities which brought devastation and destruction to their homeland.

3 – The majority of Egypt’s judiciary are honorable patriotic judges, well-known for their staunch support of truth and justice. Coup authorities’ desperate attempt to implicate the entire judicial institution calls for honest judges to stand firm against these attempts, to reject corrupt elements within their ranks, and to condemn all the tricks and ploys that try to force the judiciary into a confrontation with the Egyptian people’s Revolution as they endeavor to reclaim their rights.

We further emphasize that the coup regime that attempts to strike fear and terror among the revolutionary people with vindictively unjust verdicts and harsh sentences, with absurdly long prison terms and mass death sentences, and without any proper due process or fair trials, is inevitably doomed to failure, just like its authoritarian predecessors failed despite all the methods they fashioned for extreme oppression and terror.

We also call on regional and international powers supporting the coup in Egypt to break their silence with regard to these crimes, which have been denounced by all honorable nations, to stand against these injustices, and to condemn these abominable acts.

Finally, we assure everyone that the Egyptian people, whose sacrifices include thousands of martyrs and injured citizens and thousands of detainees, will not leave the path until they achieve all the objectives of their Revolution, which they started in January 25, 2011. The Egyptian people will continue their peaceful revolt and will reclaim the rights of the martyrs and the oppressed. This coup will not achieve stability no matter how long it lasts.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: 28 April 2014