Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman: Egyptians Will Not Hand Over Sinai to the Zionists

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman: Egyptians Will Not Hand Over Sinai to the Zionists

 It is indisputable that confronting any terror that targets Egypt is a well-established national affair; also, preserving its territorial integrity and independence is a national duty and a religious obligation. However, the current war on Sinai has nothing to do with that. Egyptian people got used to blatant lies of the military coup, especially with regard to its repeated campaigns on Sinai under the disguise of fighting terror, which usually results only in creating terror itself, killing and displacing civilians, and the destruction of entire townships as happened in the town of Rafah.

Today, the military coup is launching a new military campaign accompanied by the declaring of the state of maximum alert in Egypt, coinciding with the news of Zionist military maneuvers around the Gaza borders, amid growing news about the imminent implementation of the Trump "Deal of the Century," which provides for turning Sinai into an ‘alternative’ homeland for the Palestinian people after being forcibly displaced from Palestine.

The military campaign was launched under the Emergency Law provisions, accompanied by a massive media campaign claiming that Egypt was in grave danger to justify further crimes of detention, forcible disappearances, indiscriminate killings, the expansion of death sentences, and arresting or terrorizing any dissenting voice.

We are witnessing a futile process of deception and cover-up of the military coup failure to provide the basics of life for citizens, and an attempt to persuade them to support El Sisi in the coming presidential election farce.

The Muslim Brotherhood demands the Egyptian army to distance itself from this great betrayal, and not to link itself and future to this treacherous coup. The Muslim Brotherhood reiterates what it has repeatedly reaffirmed before, that what is happening against Sinai and its people by empowering the Zionists, is a great crime and a high treason that history will never forget or forgive. 

The Muslim Brotherhood calls on Egyptian people to pay ultimate attention to evils schemed against their country. Yesterday it was Tiran and Sanafir and today it is Sinai!

Dr. Talaat Fahmy, Spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood

Saturday, 24 Jamada I, 1439 AH 

February 10, 2018