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  • March 8, 2015
  • 2 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montaser on Mahmoud Ramadan Execution

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montaser on Mahmoud Ramadan Execution

The new murderer is no different from the one he replaces. Another murderous minister of interior begins his days in a fascist murderous coup regime by implementing a death sentence in one of this brutally monstrous, traitorous judiciary’s farcical lawsuits.


Today (Saturday), Mahmoud Ramadan was unjustly executed in a cursory trial very much like Denshawai where Egyptians were executed in mock courts.


The junta’s judiciary insists on wading ever more deeply in the blood of innocent Egyptians every day. There is no difference between an assassin who kills with a rifle and a murderer on the judicial bench who executes Egyptians in cold-blooded revenge killings.


The murderer Minister carries out the commands of his master murderer and thug Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, knowing that all those death sentences are purely political verdicts the whole world condemned, including the African Commission, which called for Egypt to halt executions in all these farcical cases.


The death penalty message is totally unacceptable. It will not be accepted by the revolutionaries who are marching on the path to prompt justice, to exact retribution from all criminals and murderers who participated in the spilling of Egyptian blood, including the licentious media which issued Mahmoud Ramadan’s death sentence without trial or evidence, only to mislead, misinform and brain-wash Egyptians.


The Revolution’s march will go on until all the castles of tyranny are crushed.


The execution of Egypt’s revolutionaries will not pass quietly.


Mohamed Montaser

Muslim Brotherhood Media spokesman