Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montaser: Extreme Coup Regime Brutality Strengthens Revolution

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montaser: Extreme Coup Regime Brutality Strengthens Revolution

The military junta’s lopsided justice has issued mass jail sentences throwing this homeland’s most patriotic youths behind bars, with varying prison terms, including life imprisonment, without any evidence, long months after arresting them from their homes in Alexandria on trumped-up charges, and now punishing them – all because they refuse to bow down to tyrants and despots.

The junta’s public prosecutor has issued a decision referring White Knights leaders and members (football fans) to the Criminal Court, holding them responsible for the incident where junta police killed football fans outside the Air Defense Stadium – so coup courts try the victim for extreme police brutality crimes. This is a demented regime that behaves with such hysteria and farcical absurdity.

What is happening in the corridors of sham military justice is only a continuation of the militarization of the state, a brain-washing process for the collective mind of this homeland. The massacre is broadcast on the air, coup security forces are witnessed by the whole world killing fans in cold blood, and the mad military junta’s public prosecutor accuses fans of being behind the killing of their mates!

The ongoing extreme oppression will certainly strengthen this Revolution, making it imperative for all honorable patriotic parties and individuals to pull together and close ranks once again to rally around the goals of the January 25 Revolution, to oust Mubarak’s junta, who works to jail or murder all those who participated in the overthrow of the Mubarak regime and its icons of corruption.

The Revolution will persist on the path of democratic transformation. Revolutionaries will steel their resolve and gain strength, as their voices shake the thrones of tyranny and despotism. Revolutionary resistance will demolish the castles of darkness and oppression.

Mohamed Montaser

Muslim Brotherhood Media spokesman