Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montaser: Basarta Symbol of Bravery

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montaser: Basarta Symbol of Bravery
What is happening in Basarta village in Damietta (north of Cairo) is the greatest example of chivalry, fortitude and defiance by the Egyptian People. After the arbitrary arrest of 13 girls, the whole village rose in anger, for their dignity and honor. The village’s youth paid the price by giving five martyrs of this country’s finest young people. 

The heinous murderer should know that we will continue our Revolution until we exact fair retribution from every traitor and criminal. We will continue our Revolution and defiance until we free all the honorable patriotic men and women from junta jails and prisons, so they would once again enjoy their God-given freedom and watch the torturers receive fair and prompt punishment.

The blood spilled today (Saturday) in Basarta’s saga of honor and pride, and the innocent citizens’ blood that flows every day, is the responsibility of the traitorous mad murderer. This criminal knows that he will pay the price soon, and the Revolution will not be quelled or intimidated; and the revolutionaries will not hesitate, rest or retreat.

We will march forth on our way with God’s help. We will not forget. We will avenge our blood and our brothers and sisters in the prisons of the military occupation of Egypt.

Mohamed Montaser

Muslim Brotherhood Media spokesman

Egypt: Saturday – May 9, 2015