Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Talaat Fahmi: Our Hands are Open; Homeland Interests Above All

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Talaat Fahmi: Our Hands are Open; Homeland Interests Above All
Excerpts from interview with Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman with Al Arabi TV:

-The Muslim Brotherhood has neither been fragmented nor divided in any way. The group stands united as one, even though there may be many opinions and views.

– The national interests of this homeland are above all else, as we face a battle of life or death.

– We are no hard-headed bigots. We do not impose an understanding or a viewpoint on anyone.

– Our leaders who live outside Egypt do not differ from leaders who live in Egypt.

– Those who left Egypt were so tasked by the Muslim Brotherhood, with roles and duties to do. Most of those now abroad are also hounded. They live a life of worry and fear.

– We love our brothers more than we love ourselves; and favor them over ourselves.

– Sincere intentions alone are not enough. So, we always support these intentions and sincerity with accurate understanding of the nature of issues.

– The conflict is not merely Egyptian. It is certainly a regional one. In fact, it is an international conflict dressed up in an Egyptian robe, and played with the traitorous military junta. The issue is larger than the local Egyptian one it appears to be.

– We do not stop at simple sincerity or understanding, but we also endeavor to do our best in action.

– Our hands are all open, our minds too – work for the Egyptian cause is not restricted to the Muslim Brotherhood.

– We accept all advice and all criticism. Those who have a strategy and want to join and contribute to this revolutionary movement are certainly welcome.

– We believe that the first element of success lies in seeking God’s help, then making the effort to develop the Muslim Brotherhood, and then clarifying the vision to the masses.

– The Egyptian people need to see the facts crystal clear. These facts would not be clarified without this amazing fortitude and sublime steadfastness by the people in the streets and public squares. No right will be lost, if chased persistently.

– This unparalleled persistence helped drive the military junta into its current critical bottleneck, indeed. This ruinous coup’s masterminds and makers abroad realize that they have lost their case, and that this coup general has become a burden and can only hurt their agenda.

– Non-violent anti-coup action in the Egyptian street has diversified, but never stopped. Instead of the big demonstrations, we have hundreds of small ones in each governorate, in anticipation of vengeful security campaigns and murderous crackdowns.

You can listen to the full interview with Dr Talaat Fahmi (in Arabic) here: