Muslim Brotherhood Spokeswoman: Villainous Coup Junta Arrest, Detain Egyptian Women

Muslim Brotherhood Spokeswoman: Villainous Coup Junta Arrest, Detain Egyptian Women
The arrest of Somaya Maher, who was preparing for her wedding, just a few days after the arrest of Asmaa Zeidan and Asmaa Khaled Ezzelregal, is yet another crime added to the military junta’s darkest record of violations. No man, no woman, no old person or even young child is safe any more.

The suffering of hundreds of women, many of whom have been subjected to the worst forms of torture and vindictive violations, is the apex of the tragedy that Egypt has become accustomed to after the treacherous coup in this country known throughout history for tolerance, respect and moral values ​​.

The persistence of the military junta in torturing the families of those who reject the coup by arresting and torturing women and girls who never committed any crimes is a clear indication of the weakness of this traitorous gang and of the degeneration of its morals. It simply is inhuman, with no sense of honor.

Today, the three girls join 32 female political prisons and the list of enforced disappearances that includes 12 women so far. This criminal regime violates all international laws, customs, values ​​and the basic ethics that Egyptians have known for thousands of years.

We have urged – and will continue to urge – the United Nations, all international human rights institutions and all the free people in the world to play their part in reining in this oppressive regime.

The Muslim Brotherhood, along with the patriotic people of this homeland, remains committed to legitimacy, until the coup is defeated and the people exact retribution from the perpetrators of the coup.

The criminal coup commanders still do not realize that their crimes against women and girls of Egypt will not afford them any advantages: they will not deter or defeat anyone who learned from Somaya and Asmaa that victory comes with patience and ease with hardship.

Eman Mahmoud

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesperson

Friday – October 20, 2017