• February 14, 2016
  • 3 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood Stands Steadfast with Egypt’s Doctors

Muslim Brotherhood Stands Steadfast with Egypt’s Doctors
Egypt’s doctors came out today (Saturday) in roaring demonstrations in defense of the dignity of the great Egyptian people, after brutal coup authorities trampled their rights, their pride, along with all aspects of humanity and civilized behavior since it violated the sanctity of hospitals and acted with willful contempt for people’s lives, suffering, wounds and illnesses, and even violently assaulted those who treated them at hospitals.

In January 2014, only six months after the July 2013 coup, the Medical Association had the largest share of detainees and martyrs, as the number of doctors detained by coup authorities reached 180, and doctors killed by security forces reached 30 martyrs, while the number of doctors injured by junta forces was 80.

These numbers increased over the following two years, with even more forms of humiliation and contempt for doctors and other segments of the Egyptian people.

The Muslim Brotherhood supports Egyptian doctors’ protest, which shook the pillars of the illegitimate coup regime Saturday, heard by every Egyptian across the homeland. The dignity of the doctor is of the dignity of the people.

All segments of the Egyptian people are equal before the law. Every citizen does his or her duty and plays his or her role, without the tutelage or bullying of others. The attempt by the traitorous coup regime to enforce seditious policies will only result in its ouster. Then, the corrupt and the criminals will be tried by all classes of the Egyptian people.

Ahmed Assem

Muslim Brotherhood Media spokesman

Cairo: Friday – Feb 12, 2016