Muslim Brotherhood Statement: Coup Regime Destroys Nation Values, Islam Fundamentals

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: Coup Regime Destroys Nation Values, Islam Fundamentals

It is no coincidence that the military junta’s media tentacles drown Egyptians with mounting calls to war on the nation’s own morals and religious values, principles and constants, from burning of books and calls to shun the Islamic veil, to throwing doubt on the nation’s heritage and most renowned scholars.

This coup was not meant to only take away the people’s liberties, will and wealth, but was also supported by American-Zionist plans as a coup against this homeland’s values​ and principles as well as its religious and national creed.

The military coup commander’s repeated calls to what he called the renewal of religious discourse were nothing but signals to the junta’s media tentacles to continue the implementation of his scheme and to throw doubt on the fundamentals of Islam, one after another.

The heinous junta, which seized power in Egypt by force of arms, has realized that society’s Islamic values and principles ​​are the source of the Revolution’s resilience and steadfastness against the coup regime’s crimes and the colonial plots and projects of its financiers. The junta therefore gave free rein to their paid media henchmen to savagely attack the heritage and fundamentals of Islam under the pretext of what they call the war on terrorism.

The Egyptian people are well aware of the nature of the battle. They will not be fooled by false slogans, nor by an elitist group of nominal Muslims who have sold their values ​​and principles cheaply for a few dollars or some prestigious position, or just to spite those who hold high their faith, values ​​and principles.

This homeland’s great patriotic people will continue to uphold the values ​​of the nation and the constants of this true religion, and challenge those who seek to violate them. They will remain watchful for those who plot against this nation, and will crush those colonial plans and projects and those who seek to implement them.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Sunday – April, 19 2015