Muslim Brotherhood Statement: Sinai Precious Part of Homeland

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: Sinai Precious Part of Homeland

 Today (April 25) is the so-called Sinai Liberation Day. But was the Sinai actually liberated?

If the Sinai looked liberated of Israeli forces, the fact is that the Camp David Accords grant Jews full access to this integral part of Egypt. Worse still is the violence, and atrocities the military junta is committing against the Sinai and its people – more horrendous crimes than those ever committed by the Israeli forces there.

Egypt’s beloved Sinai is an integral part of our homeland. It is totally unacceptable that the junta’s barbaric and brutal attacks should continue to maim, kill and displace the people there, for the benefit of the Zionist enemy.

The continuation of such repression, execution and displacement of the people of North Sinai is certainly a criminal approach that feeds the fire of revenge. It seriously threatens national security and indicates clearly that the failing junta regime has planned a security-based solution that utilizes repressive measures and tactics and does not include any real solutions that protect the homeland and citizens.

While we mark the Sinai Liberation Day, we are reminded that North Sinai needs a new liberation, from occupation by military junta forces. It needs development, a halt to military operations and a sense of national responsibility towards the people of the Sinai whose presence and social cohesion is essential for national security.

The coup regime is clearing off Egypt’s borders, displacing the people of the Sinai, which is clearly an act of treason, a heinous betrayal in favor of the Zionist entity. Threating citizens’ lives and livelihoods creates a potentially explosive climate of extreme tension.

The Sinai should be free once again, raising high the Egyptian flag. A comprehensive development process must be launched there, as President Mohamed Morsi planned. The coup regime will inevitably be toppled, but the homeland will be saved, and will win the fight against oppression, displacement, curfews, murders and repression.

The Egyptian people will continue to sacrifice all until the Sinai is once again free, on the real road of development and prosperity.

The Muslim Brotherhood mourns all the martyrs of the Sinai since its partial liberation from the Zionist enemy until now. The group places full responsibility on the coup regime for the bloodshed and the threatening of Egypt’s national security.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Saturday – April 25, 2015