Muslim Brotherhood Statement: No Rest Or Sleep Until Revolution Reclaimed

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: No Rest Or Sleep Until Revolution Reclaimed

After their January 25 (2011) Revolution, Egyptians thought that they finally regained their freedom, dignity and sovereignty, and that it was time for them to rest, relax and enjoy life in a civil modern democracy.

However, revolution thieves mounted a military coup, taking away everything achieved by the Egyptian people in their Revolution.

Unfortunately, these military putschists took advantage of political disputes among political parties and groups as well as the (mostly contrived) daily living crises.

Turning political opponents against each other, and inciting hatred among them, the putschists demanded a mandate they used in an attempt to control the government and the state.

The coup commanders and collaborators quickly sought to establish a military dictatorship, a police state, that kills innocent people, arrests honorable citizens, muzzles mouths, and drags the country back to dark ages of repression and fear.

But the great Egyptian people rose in revolt once again, challenging the bloody coup, executed by the ancien régime of ousted Hosni Mubarak, after its truth was exposed.

– Some had been calling for early presidential elections, they found the putschists removing the elected President, detaining him incommunicado in an undisclosed location, suspending the Constitution and disbanding the Upper House (the Shura Council – the country’s legislature).

– The putschists also shuttered all satellite TV channels opposed to the coup and arrested journalists and media professionals who lent any support to legitimacy and democratic process.

– The generals and their cronies also arrested political leaders, on farcical false accusations; then expanded arbitrary arrests of opponents, detaining ten thousand in two months.

– Coup commanders and collaborators also killed Egyptians with impunity, in unspeakable massacres – unprecedented in the history of Egypt.

In the massacre outside the Republican Guard Officers’ Club, and the one at the podium (Manasseh), in Alexandria and other provinces, the massacre in Rabaa Al-Adaweya and the Nahda Square massacre, in Mustafa Mahmoud Square and in the Ramses massacre, the putschists’ forces killed with bullets and burnt alive more than five thousand peaceful protesters.

The putschists’ forces prevented ambulances from offering even First Aid, killed most of the wounded, then burned most of the corpses. They tortured detainees to death at Abu Zaabal prison.

– The generals’ forces trampled all red lines, laying sieges to mosques, killing worshipers, torching mosques, burning the Quran – Muslims’ holy book, and arresting women and girls in the middle of the night, having killed some of them in Mansoura and in Rabaa Al-Adaweya… all in less than two months.

– Absurdly, Hazem El-Beblawi, the puppet Prime Minister, announces that the brutal killings are necessary operations justified in the transitional period.

He then describes the relationship between the putschists and their opponents as one of enmity and open hostility, and likens it to the relationship between America and the Axis powers in World War II, and between America and Vietnam during their war.

Is that an Egyptian citizen? A human being? A Prime Minister?

– On August 30, the Egyptian people turned out in all the governorates of Egypt, in unprecedented numbers – never seen even during the January 25 Revolution, to declare their utter rejection of this illegitimate bloody coup.

These revolutionary people will not rest or sleep until the fall of this military putschist regime. Egyptians will not rest or sleep after August 30. They will descend onto all streets and squares of Egypt every day. They will escalate their peaceful protest activities, innovate and invent new peaceful means of protest, until they reclaim their Revolution.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: September 1, 2013