Muslim Brotherhood Statement: Justice Indivisible

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: Justice Indivisible

 In a rare scene, deposed Mubarak is on trial, after ruining Egypt over thirty years of financial and political corruption and repression of all dissent, in his tyrannical rule, which he ended by killing hundreds of demonstrators in the January 25, 2011 Revolution.

In this scene, we see one hundred and sixty thousand case papers supposedly being studied, a trial that takes many months in which deposed Mubarak gets all legal, defense rights that no honest citizen ever had in the entire period of his repressive rule.

Where is all this from the judicial farces that filled the halls of Egyptian courts throughout the fifteen months after the disaster of the bloody coup?

That is a totally different scene, where underage girls and boys, peaceful demonstrators are sentenced to life imprisonment, and remand-in-custody renewed with no limits. This reached the peak of tragedy when a Minya Court judge sentenced to death – in only half an hour – hundreds of innocent and honorable citizens, without defense, papers or any legal due process. We saw death penalty and life imprisonment sentences issued for crimes of "road-blocking" which in fact never happened… among many baseless and therefore void rulings.

The words of a politicized judiciary and a justice system that lacks neutrality are a distortion of the truth. What we have are murderous executioners, some atop military tanks, some burn peaceful protesters alive, while some preside over monkey trials, to commit the same murders.

Those killers will soon face the wrath of the people and retribution, and will in time receive fair punishment in the Hereafter.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Saturday, September 27, 2014