Muslim Brotherhood Statement: Terrorism, a Junta Product

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: Terrorism, a Junta Product

 The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt issued the following statement:

The Egyptian people are still paying a heavy price as a result of the bloody coup and the consequent disastrous effects on all citizens and their livelihoods.

Every day, Egyptian blood is spilt, the number of orphans, widows and bereaved increases, and innocent lives of children, young people, men and women and elderly people are callously taken.

The bloody junta creates explosions in various parts across Egypt in order to distract the Egyptian people from real crimes its regime commits all over the country. After the Beheira disaster, where many students were killed, the Sohag disaster, where many female students died, and the junta crimes of forced displacement of the Sinai residents, the coup commanders are faking terrorist incidents in trains, Metro stations and other locations in order to justify the relentless campaign of repressive barbaric actions taken by their forces against all Egyptian dissidents, politicians, journalists and peaceful demonstrators in all public squares.

The coup is the real terror that has brought Egypt to this state of societal division, economic collapse, high prices and lack of services.

The Muslim Brotherhood hold the military junta fully responsible for the Egyptian blood flowing on the streets every day. We call on all Egyptians to join the revolutionary men and women of this homeland, and come out to rally and overthrow the coup regime, with peaceful ingenuity and selfless devotion that will bring about the inevitable end of this coup and all consequent actions and processes.

Muslim Brotherhood

Thursday – November 6, 2014