Muslim Brotherhood Statement: Junta Injustice Condemns Egyptian People to Death

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: Junta Injustice Condemns Egyptian People to Death
A junta’s judge has acquitted Mubarak and his criminal cronies who freely spilled the blood of the Egyptian people, insulted, humiliated and robbed Egyptians, and squandered the country’s wealth. With this acquittal, the junta judge has also ruled that the Egyptian people have no right to a free and dignified life, that Egyptians do not deserve to enjoy their own homeland’s riches, and that they do not have the right to hold accountable those who commit crimes against the people.

The junta judge has ruled that the Egyptian people only have a choice to live humiliated under fascist military rule, in exile away from their homeland, or in dark dungeons of criminal junta jails.

Junta judges have the audacity to deal this gross injustice every day, completely confident that under military rule they are fully protected by a fascist junta that mobilizes heavily armed troops to occupy all the country’s public squares, leaving the borders undefended, in preparation for this unjust verdict.

But that will not be. We will not quietly accept to be cowered in humiliation. God created people free. If you take away their freedom, they will wrest it back, whatever the sacrifices.

The treacherous judiciary who claimed to have read tens of thousands of documents only to discover that it is not legally permissible to consider it, three years into the case, is the same fascist judiciary who is trying the honorable for their honor, the free for their freedom and the patriotic for their concern over their national identity, for more than a year without any evidence or credible witnesses.

Egypt’s patriotic people are required to rise up in revolt now more than ever before… to stand steadfast like they never did before… to unite as never before… and to renounce their differences as they never did before.

Let us fill all liberty squares

Revolutionary courts will exact retribution from the criminals

We will certainly end military rule, forever

The Muslim Brotherhood

Saturday – November 29, 2014