Muslim Brotherhood Statement: No to Treason, No to Egypt Islands Handover

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: No to Treason, No to Egypt Islands Handover

 It is a day of shame and betrayal as the regime of shame and its parliament of blood take the first step of abandoning a dear piece of Egyptian sovereign land, the islands of Tiran and Sanafir, an act of treason unprecedented in the long history of this homeland, and despite a final court ruling nullifying the border demarcation agreement between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The most significant aspect in this crime is that it empowers the Zionist entity in the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea, by internationalizing the waterway in the Gulf of Aqaba that was historically purely Egyptian. This is fresh evidence that the military junta has become a tool in the hands of the Zionist-American project, and that military rule of the coup junta over this homeland is a serious threat to national security, the present of Egypt and the future of its people.

Tiran and Sanafir are not just pieces of land in a geographical area of ​​strategic importance; they are an integral part of this homeland’s history, sacrifice, blood and honor. Giving them up are part and parcel of the repeated acts of treason and treachery that abandon all the nation’s most essential causes and all the betrayals being committed these days to empower the Zionists. Our defense is not a biased opinion or a politicization of a cause, but a legitimate duty and a genuine patriotic national right.

The Muslim Brotherhood strongly declares that abandoning a grain of Egyptian soil is an act of unprecedented treachery. Whether the parliament of shame approves the illegal agreement – signed by a power-grabbing regime that lacks legitimacy – or rejects it, Tiran and Sanafir will remain Egyptian lands.

The military junta that has abducted the entire homeland, now sells its lands, squanders its wealth, and works against its national security and supreme interests. That is treachery, betrayal of religion, homeland and people.

This ruthless gang which has impoverished Egypt and thrown it far behind all other nations, and its absurdly reckless adventures against Egypt and its people will not be stopped except by a powerful popular revolution by the Egyptian people with all its components.

Muslim Brotherhood

Monday – June 12, 2017