Muslim Brotherhood Statement: New Massacre Committed by Egypt Police Monday, July 15

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: New Massacre Committed by Egypt Police Monday, July 15

Repeatedly, Egyptian Police announced that it would protect peaceful demonstrations. Indeed, it did just that – protected demonstrations opposed to popular, democratic and constitutional legitimacy.

However, when the masses of Egyptian people turned out in huge but exceptionally peaceful demonstrations in Cairo’s streets and public squares, to show support for electoral and constitutional legitimacy, calling for reinstatement of the elected President Morsi and the Constitution endorsed by the people through nationwide referendum, the police attacked them with disproportionate force and wanton violence.

Police attacked unarmed pro-legitimacy protesters with heavy barrages of gas grenades, fire-bombs, bird-shot and live bullets as they stood praying in El-Fateh Mosque in the Ramses district (Cairo).

Moreover, the police unleashed mobs of ruthless hired thugs, who proceeded, in the full protection of the police, to viciously attack peaceful protesters using more live ammunitions and bladed weapons.

So far, ten people have been thus murdered in this wanton and vengeful bloodbath, with hundreds injured, some of them very seriously, and over 500 arrested by police.

All this indicates that the police have returned to their dark and unethical practices as used before and during the January 25 Revolution.

This also highlights the return of the police state dictatorship after the bloody military coup.

Furthermore, what is most absurd and shocking is the silence of human rights organizations, both in Egypt and abroad, with regard to these horrendous heinous crimes.

People wonder: where is their constitutional right to peaceful protest and demonstration? Would right organizations move only when the victims are opponents of constitutional legitimacy?

These massacres must stop immediately. All those who have been detained must be released without delay. The police must protect peaceful demonstrators, because it is their job and duty to protect citizens from thugs and outlaws, not to use of mercenaries to attack, terrorize and even kill citizens, and lay siege to mosques and places of worship.

Such state-sponsored violence, murder and mayhem will not stop us or dissuade us from holding onto our freedom and our dignity.

May God grant mercy and forgiveness to the Martyrs and a speedy recovery to the injured.

"Do not ever think that those who are slain in God’s cause are dead; for in fact they are alive with their Lord, receiving sustenance." [Quran 3:169]

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo – July 16, 2013