Muslim Brotherhood Statement 2 in Response to General Shafiq’s Allegations, Black Propaganda

Muslim Brotherhood Statement 2 in Response to General Shafiq’s Allegations, Black Propaganda

One of General Ahmed Shafiq’s black propaganda fabrications, attempting to vilify presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi, is that the latter intends to mortgage the Suez Canal to the State of Qatar for a period of ninety nine years, for billions of dollars, if he won the runoff presidential election.

In fact, this is another deliberately slanderous ‘big lie’. The Suez Canal is one of the most vital national facilities owned by all Egyptian people, all generations to come.

No president, minister, party, group or institution can sell, mortgage, lease or otherwise deal with the Suez Canal in any such way, especially since its income is a cornerstone of the annual state budget.

Therefore, contrary to General Shafiq’s utter lies, we certainly intend to keep, maintain, defend and develop the Suez Canal and all cities in the regions around it.

Indeed, Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s platform aims to establish several industrial projects and service facilities in free zones around the Suez Canal to maximize its income, doubling it in a few years.

This illustrates how dark and vicious, how immoral and dishonorable General Shafiq’s black propaganda is.

Another false claim by General Shafiq is that we will abandon Sinai. That is definitely another false fabrication of his. Sinai occupies a special place in our hearts. It is a dear part of our homeland, for which Egyptians sacrificed their blood and souls.

Certainly, we are ready and willing to sacrifice our lives in order to protect every inch of the Sinai. Hence, the Nahda (Renaissance) Project, an integral part of Dr. Morsi’s electoral program, focuses on developing and investing in the Sinai.

The region can accommodate five million Egyptian citizens, thus protecting our national security. Agricultural, industrial, mining, tourism and fishing projects can be set up in the vast expanse of the Sinai.

Those projects can benefit citizens of the area as well as the whole country. They can no doubt reduce the burdens of unemployment, help fight poverty and raise living standards as well as reduce the population density within the ‘Delta’ valley.

Is it feasible or logical for those who hold such views and vision of the Sinai, looking forward to such comprehensive rejuvenation and real renaissance, to abandon the Sinai?

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: June 11, 2012