Muslim Brotherhood Statement and Vision on Way Out of Current Crisis

Muslim Brotherhood Statement and Vision on Way Out of Current Crisis

 One of the most important objectives of the January 25, 2011 Revolution was establishing a full and real constitutional democratic life for the first time in Egypt’s history.

The people participated positively in rebuilding their constitutional institutions in five most credible electoral events (referendums and elections).

However, there were always dubious parties working hard to demolish all constitutional institutions built by the people.

Nevertheless, the people were more determined than ever to complete rebuilding the constitutional democratic system.

On the third of July 2013, a group of military coup commanders, with foreign support, as a result of enticement by certain parties and forces, overthrew all the hopes in a democratic system, and demolished all freely-elected constitutional institutions (the President, parliament, and the Constitution) in a blatant aggression on the will of the people and a clear violation of their sovereignty.

It was the putschists’ intention to sow despair in the hearts of Egyptian people with regard to achieving the objectives of the great January 2011 Revolution, hoping that the people will not believe in the democratic path if their will is callously wasted with the stroke of a pen through successive military coups.

But the masses turned out, including the Muslim Brotherhood, declaring their rejection of the coup which began committing bloody massacres and acts of premeditated murder of peaceful demonstrators, shuttered channels of expression, arrested and detained political and popular leaders as well as hundreds of demonstrators, and killed women in cold blood.

Huge masses of Egyptian people remained in sit-ins and continuous million-man marches across Egypt, especially in Cairo, for three weeks, determined to reject the bloody military coup.

Their vision for coming out of the military coup crisis is as follows:

First: The will of the Egyptian people must be respected, especially constitutional legitimacy, which the people are determined to defend with their own lives; all aspects of the military coup must be halted; and Egypt must return to constitutional legality, with its elected President, Constitution and Parliament.

Second: The elected President is to oversee implementation of the reform initiative he is committed to in accordance with the Constitution approved by the people. This includes holding parliamentary elections, preparing constitutional amendments to be presented to the legislature, then to a popular referendum, fostering national reconciliation, and preparing a media code of honor.

Third: All national and political forces are to meet for dialogue without restrictions or preconditions, to discuss all demands. Whatever is agreed upon must be adhered to by everyone.

The Muslim Brotherhood rejected the military coup since the first moment, and worked within the framework of popular peaceful protest to end the coup. It declares that it is with the people, holds the interest of the people above its own interests.

The Brotherhood is working to achieve social peace, rejects any foreign interference in the affairs of Egypt, seeks to maintain the national security of the homeland and the Arab world, and respects the sanctity of all Egyptian blood.

We work in the light of the Quranic directives:

 “Work (diligently), for God will observe your work and (so will) His Messenger and the Believers; and soon you will return to the One Who knows everything – the hidden and the visible – so He will tell you the truth of all that you did.” (Quran 9:105)

“Everyone acts according to his own disposition: But your Lord knows who is the best guided on the Way.” (Quran 17:84)

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: July 21, 2013