Muslim Brotherhood Statement Condemns Hezbullah Involvement in Syria Massacres

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Condemns Hezbullah Involvement in Syria Massacres

The Syrian people are still suffering a violent barbaric bloodbath, and blatant unjustified aggression, amid international and Arab hesitation to lift the injustice befalling them.

The Muslim Brotherhood, along with all the Egyptian people, reaffirms its full support for the struggle of the Syrian people to get rid of the tyrannical regime that shed their blood and wreaked havoc in the whole country, massacring more than a hundred thousand civilians. The Muslim Brotherhood assures it will spare no effort in supporting the Syrian people and their just cause.

The Brotherhood’s position in solidarity with the Syrian people includes physical, moral and political support. It is the tradition of the Egyptian people to aid all their brothers and sisters who are subjected to injustice and forced displacement. Thus they rejected the idea of ​​refugee camps for the Syrian people fleeing massacres committed by the regime and its cronies. The Egyptian people opened their homes, schools and universities for fellow Syrians, and treated them as equals in their homeland.

The Egyptian people also offered – and still offers – all kinds of assistance to their brothers and sisters in Syria who are suffering from the worst forms of oppression and genocide.

In this regard, the Muslim Brotherhood once again underlines their full refusal and total condemnation of foreign intervention in Syria, including Iranian intervention, directly or indirectly, through Hezbullah militias, which has just destroyed some of what was left of their credibility in the hearts of Arabs and Muslims around the world and revealed their determined sectarian doctrine as they moved in support of the sectarian regime in its oppression against the unarmed Syrian people, and readily got involved in the killing of Syrian people in Qusayer and other cities. Thus Hezbullah lost their status in the hearts of Arab and Muslim peoples, acquired when they faced up to the Zionist enemy.

Emphasizing the Muslim Brotherhood’s solidarity with the Syrian people, the group fully supports the Egyptian official and popular position, and calls upon Arab and Islamic governments to take a strong political position to face the continuous murderous aggression against the Syrian people, both from the tyrannical regime and its sectarian allies.

The Brotherhood further calls on the Egyptian people and the Arab and Muslim peoples to do their duty by providing more financial and moral support for the Syrian people at home and abroad, until their hopes for freedom are realized, God willing.

We hope everyone will pray for their brothers and sisters in Syria.

“God is Master of His affairs; but most among mankind know it not.” (Quran, 20:21)

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Saturday May 25, 2013.