Muslim Brotherhood Statement Condemns New Dawn Massacre Tuesday, July 23

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Condemns New Dawn Massacre Tuesday, July 23

Murderous putschists continue to deliberately kill peaceful protesters every day. Spilling the blood of innocent Egyptians has become their established approach, which affirms the fascist nature of military regimes.

Before dawn on Tuesday, July 23, 2013, hordes of thugs sponsored by the Ministry of Interior were ordered to murder, burn and vandalize. They did kill three citizens near the edge of the Nahda Square pro-legitimacy sit-in, then killed two others near the center of the sit-in who were shot in the head with live bullets. This indicates the presence of snipers on the buildings of some of the faculties of the university.

Soon, the death toll rose to 10 martyrs, in addition to more than 100 people injured and dozens of protesters’ cars burned by coup thugs. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior assures all that it protects peaceful protesters. In fact, its men, agents and thugs are doing all the vengeful killings, arson and sabotage.

We ask the putschists: Don’t you see the millions of people who fill the streets and squares to overflowing – marching in huge peaceful protests? Can’t you hear the roar of voices that reject your ruinous coup, telling you that the majority of the people adhere to constitutional legitimacy and the democratic path?

We also ask them: How many massacres do you want? How many lives will you take? How much more blood are you willing to spill? Do you not fear God? Do you at all care for the interests of the homeland? Do you have any respect for the will of the people and their sovereignty? Or are there other interests you hold higher than all that?!

The Egyptian people, who erupted on January 25, 2011 and regained their freedom, dignity and sovereignty, will continue along the path of this blessed Revolution until they wrest it from the putschists, who want to drag Egypt back to the repressive military rule Egypt suffered for over sixty years, and which committed the most horrid crimes including murder, torture, arbitrary arrests and detention, corruption, despotism and tyranny, looting, subservience and humiliation.

"… God has full power and control, but most people do not know" (Quran 12:21)

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: July 23, 2013